80g Duck liver pâté in an almond crust, cranberries, sourdough baguette 129,-

1 pc Pickled Hermelín with pastries 119,-


0.25l Meat broth with vegetables and noodles 69,-

Main courses

250g Beef rumpsteak with green pepper sauce, homemade fries 445,-

200g Fried cutlets of pork tenderloin, boiled potatoes with butter, pickled cucumber 245,-

200g Pork tenderloin in herb crust with almond sauce, baked chips 279,-

150g Pork tenderloin on cream with cranberry sauce, Karlovy Vary dumpling

180g Hamburger with beef, bacon, cheddar and fried egg, fries 249,-

150g Chicken breast, wide noodles with mushroom ragout and parmesan 235,-

300g Wide noodles with mushroom ragout sprinkled with parmesan 189,-

100g Grilled camembert with cranberries, torn leaf salad, baguette 219,-

After 4:00 p.m

120g Beef Tartar steak with toast 209,-